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Our software and customer oriented approach allows us to quickly analyse customer's needs and design perfectly suited solution for given problem. We have 15+ years of experience developing custom-built web applications

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Quick product overview

We focus on custom-built web applications for companies and corporations. Intuitive user interface, ease of use, high availability and security are always main priorities in our development.

Retail solutions

Retail specific software including CRM, warehouse quality, external services management, etc...

Sensory testing

Product for food sensory testing, food quality evaluation and comparison

E-commerce solutions

Web system for e‑commerce sites with powerful backend solution for marketing, logistics and accounting

Quality management SW

Data collection and data management custom web and mobile applications used in corporations

Reporting tools

Special reporting software made to render exactly the needed result from complex datasets

Data import & export

Vital part of every software - import and export from and to various formats and data structures

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DUOWEB offers unique approach for finding problem solutions. We quickly analyze customer needs and design tailor-made web application. With features like multi-user environment, high availability, data security, UI responsiveness, complex data models and much more...

Rudolf Náprstek, CEO of DUOWEB s.r.o
Rudolf Náprstek, CEO of DUOWEB s.r.o.

Our specialization

Web & mobile applications development requires very good analysis so new software saves users time, work and our customer's total costs. That is DUOWEB's added value which we put into each project.

Focus on your business

We first analyze customer's business and processes upon which is the software designed

Focus on user

User experience is one of our main concerns, happy user equals happy and efficient employee

Modern technologies

Where possible, we use modern technologies so our software is ready for future

SLA and support

SLA, technical support and guarantee of developing new features is a matter of course for us

Our reference products

Some of finished products successfully deployed and used by our customers. They are technically supported and maintained based on SLA. Features are added when customers require to change business logic and processes.

Technology available to serve

We use all modern technologies and platforms to ensure our web applications are ready for future and don't become obsolete the day the app is delivered.


We develop for Windows / Apple / Linux, Android / iPhone, Chrome / Firefox / IE


Our in-house developed programming framework makes our apps fast to develop and deploy


Responsive design is standard option for using app on desktop, tablet & mobile

Testing and support

We test our software through standard procedures and support it based on specified SLA

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Protection of personal data

Your data will only be handled for the sole purpose of communication between DUOWEB s.r.o. and you. Your personal data will not be passed on to any third party.